Hay trolley stool

This simple art piece speaks volumes, and it is one-of-a-kind.

As a re-purposing artist, I knew this piece would get a lot of attention when I conceived and fabricated it, but I am still surprised by people’s attraction to it. This piece should go to someone who wants a unique showpiece to exhibit, or has a business that would benefit from the artwork’s ability to attract people within sight of the piece.

The piece can be used as lawn or garden art, or as an interior piece.

From an artistic standpoint, the classic lines of the century old cast iron Meyers hay trolley are just outstanding. The trolley rode on a rail in the peak of a barn's hay mow, and brought the hay from outside into the barn.

The 44 holes in the old cast iron implement seat create a very pleasing pattern. But more than anything, the piece comes with its own good story representing some endearing values of Americana- agricultural, industrial and artistic. The piece elicits humor, curiosity, discussion.. and that is priceless.

Technically, the piece is very solid and stable, held together by a welded steel structure that does not bear weight on the trolley.The piece is a functional stool with a standard stool sitting height 25 inches from the ground, with a base two foot square. Non-skid rubber tread on the bottom of the legs prevent movement and protects flooring. I left as much of the patina of age on the piece as I could, bearing in mind that the antique look still had to look and be clean. The wheels are not functional.

This is a one-of-a-kind original piece of artwork.

The piece weighs 60 pounds.

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