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23-inch Dramatic Elizabethan (Raised) Gemstone Tiffany-Style Table Lamp traditional-living-room

23-inch Dramatic Elizabethan (Raised) Gemstone Tiffany-Style Table Lamp

Gemstone Lamp Shade:
Relive the magnificence of the baroque era with this dramatic museum-quality gemstone lampshade - in an original design from Tiffany Studio New York. Handcrafted from approximately 1,744 gemstones, and produced in a limited edition, this high-end collectible is a vibrant tribute to baroque grandeur and elegance. With ornate swirling patterns separated by square and rectangular pieces, this unique creation is a masterwork of craftsmanship and artistry. The border features round insets in vivid red that complement the curving shapes above, for a no-two-are-alike creation that offers endless enjoyment as an inspiring work of art.

Note: Each TSG 1895 USA™ gemstone lampshade comes with a certificate of authenticity that establishes its value and origin as a limited edition fine art collectible.

Brass Table Lamp Base:
This magnificence gemstone lampshade is paired with a high quality 25-inch Towerlines Brass Table Lamp Base.

Antique Settings:
  • Four armchair with heavily carved auspicious symbols.
    (18th -19th century, Shanxi Province, China)
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