Chroma Type 301 6.25 Inch Japanese Veggie Knife

The Chroma Type 301 6.25 Inch Japanese Veggie Knife features a wide, tapering blade that lets you rock the knife when dicing fruit and vegetables for great precision. The ergonimc handle provides added safety and better control when cutting.About Chroma USA Inc.Chroma USA, Inc. is responsible for some of the finest knives you'll find in a modern kitchen. Ideal for use in professional settings as well as at home, these knives have been crafted using the finest and strongest premium-quality steel from Japan. These extremely sharp knives hold their edge for a long time and should be stored in a knife block. You can help maintain a sharp edge to ensure safety by sharpening your knives periodically. For best results, use ceramic sharpening stones rather than metal steel, which will damage fine edges. Wash your Chroma knives in warm water and dry by hand after every use.

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