Real Flame Chateau Corner Ventless Gel Fireplace - White

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The space-saving Real Flame Chateau Corner Ventless Gel Fireplace - White compliments a variety of décor with its clean lines and charming finish. It's a corner design that's traditionally seen in stone mantels realized in wood for a stunning look that's as contemporary as it is classic. Thanks to its solid wood and MDF veneer in an all white finish, the Chateau Fireplace is also built to not only look marvelous but to last you and your family for countless years to come. The wedge-like structure of the fireplace allows it to fit neatly in the corner of the room so no space is wasted and you can get more creative with your furniture arrangement. By using clean burning gel fuel this state of the art fireplace is capable of emitting up to 9,000 BTUs for as long as three hours. Only Real Flame 13 oz. Gel will do, of course and your purchase will include a complete screen kit and hand-painted concrete logs for added decoration. Measures 40.9W x 25.28D x 37.6H inches.About Real FlameReal Flame is the original, premium gel fuel designed for use with ventless gel fireplaces and accessories. For more than 25 years, Real Flame has been the leading alcohol-based gel fuel on the market. Real Flame gel is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, clean-burning gel that doesn't leave any soot, smoke, or ashes behind - so there's no messy cleanup. Best of all, Real Flame creates a robust, bright yellow, orange, and red flame that crackles just like a log fire. Made in the U.S.A.Real Flame is made from pure, premium-grade isopropyl alcohol and thickeners to enhance stability. Real Flame is the safest, most viscous (thick) gel fuel available on the market. It is not liquid and will not break down, separate, or liquefy as quickly as other brands. To maintain the integrity and stability of Real Flame, all Real Flame gel cans are specially treated to prevent rusting on the inside. Environmentally FriendlyReal Flame is a safe, clean-burning gel that is regularly tested by numerous independent labs. Air-quality results while burning Real Flame gel fuel fall well below the standards established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (O.S.H.A.) and the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.). Each batch of Real Flame gel fuel production is closely monitored to ensure the highest quality. EfficiencyEach can of Real Flame gel fuel is designed to burn for up to 2.5 to 3 hours. If you wish to create a fire for a shorter period, simply extinguish the flame and re-cap the can. Reuse any remaining gel fuel for your next fire. For each fire, you may use one to three cans of gel fuel at a time, depending on the size of fire you wish to create. When compared to cartridge-style cans, one can of Real Flame gel fuel is available at a fraction of the cost. Growing PopularityMillions of consumers can't be wrong. Loyal customers have made Real Flame the leading gel fuel on market today. Don't be fooled by unscientific consumer polls. Real Flame is the original and best-selling gel fuel available and has been on the market the longest. Never settle for any other gel fuel in your Real Flame fireplace or accessories.

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