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Audio Isolation System (AIS) Equipment Rack

The AIS Equipment Rack shown employs a unique design, including:
* shock dampers
* three-stage shelf vibration isolation
* integrated power and signal cable routing
* two racks can support a "suspension bridge" top of up to 96" W x 24" D (coming soon)

Mortise and tenon joinery and multiple hardwood options (e.g.; Cherry, Oak, Maple, Mahogany (shown))

Standard shelves are made of maple or MDF (your choice).
Shelves can be replaced with AIS Chambers for RFI/EMI protection.
A custom turntable AIS Chamber that replaces the top shelf is coming soon.

Standard four-shelf rack dimensions (as shown): 30"H x 28"W x 20"D (larger dimensions available upon request).

Damping is accomplished by isolating the shelves from the frame via three stage dampers that isolate vibration and shock vertically and horizontally. This means, for example, that footsteps will not cause your record to skip. This also means that room vibrations will not be picked up by your cartridge or disrupt your CD mechanism. Finally, the rack can absorb minor bumps, effectively protecting your turntable alignment and cartridge needle from damage.

Unlike some other manufacturers of racks who seem to think that audiophiles are easily confused by science, I believe that the audiophile community is incredibly astute and interested in knowing facts, even if the facts require some study to understand.

*Vertical vibration control is only half of the vibration problem:

Vibration is induced independently on both the horizontal axis and vertical axis. So, shelves that only are isolated with "tip toes" or polymer padding on the vertical axis are not in any way isolated from vibration induced on the horizontal axis. This problem is easy to verify by softly tapping the side of the rack with your fingers while your turntable is playing a record. You will hear the tap right through your speakers or the tapping even may cause your needle to skip on the record. More subtle but audible vibration is being induced through all your components on the rack if this happens.

*Metal posts or frames make no sense at all:

All metals resonate audibly and further, hollow metal tubes resonate so efficiently that they are used to make terrific instruments (e.g.; trumpets, flutes, organ pipes). In NO CASE do metal tubes belong as a part of audio equipment rack design - period. In some cases, like solid metal tiptoes, metal does make sense, but never in rack frames or support structures.

Made to order, so please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
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