Stanza Scirocco Vase Cover in Black

The Stanza dello Scirocco, a project designed by Mario Trimarchi and presented in 2009 consisting of a small Basket, a tea light holder, a Fruit holder, a centerpiece, and a fruit bowl, has been enlarged to include a vase cover for orchid. Thanks to its light, airy form, this vase cover allows you to perceive a space of light and shadow between the container and its contents. This precious effect is cleverly obtained in a by inserting transparent floral water tubes, like the plastic ones normally used with orchids, into small vase covers. The part of the vase cover that extends upward holds the orchids' stems erect, thereby eliminating the unsightly supports normally used. Features: -Color: Black. -Material: Steel colored with epoxy resin. -Dimensions: 14" H x 7.5" W x 7" D.

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