Ultra Accelerant Concentrate

Your pet waste will be rapidly degraded when you use the Ultra Accelerant Concentrate in combination with Bokashi culture mix in an industrial anaerobic fermenter. Made to be used at the end of each day after pet waste is added to the fermenter one gallon of concentrate makes about 16 industrial scale fermenting cycles.What is Bokashi?Developed in Japan Bokashi is a new and revolutionary way of fermenting your kitchen waste. Using micro-organisms including lactoobacilli yeasts and phototropic microbes Bokashi allows you to ferment practically anything including leftover meat and fish. When done properly this method is more akin to the same method used when pickling with micro-organisms working on breaking down the food waste so it can be used as compost instead of the food decomposing or rotting. Once the food waste is safe to put in the ground soil microbes finish the work.There are many benefits to using the Bokashi method to break down your food waste. For starters your weekly trash quantities can be reduced by as much as 20-30% which means you'll save money on trash collection. Also rats and other vermin aren't attracted to the buried fermented product that you will soon use to grow healthier more vital plants. And finally there is no smell of decomposition to worry about nor any flies since the sealed container keeps them away.Quick and convenient it only takes two weeks for the micro-organisms to break down your food waste and you can include all types of food parts including meat scraps or cheese. The only inconvenience is that you have to chop up large bits of waste before adding them to the system.Safe for you your pets and the environment Bokashicycle fermenting is 100% natural helps reduce greenhouse gases that are normally involved in scrap composting and helps reduce the amount of waste in landfills. Used worldwide Bokashi reduces our dependency on chemical fertilizers and pesticides helping to make us all healthier.About BokashicycleFounded by Dr. Lawrence Green in the late 2008 Bokashicycle's mission is to educate alert and help to make our planet a safer and better place. Meaning ""fermented organic matter"" in Japanese the Bokashicycle method is designed to keep food scraps yard waste and even pet waste out of landfills and sewers and instead return them to the soil after fermenting them helping the soil to become stronger and more nutrient rich which results in healthier and more nutritious plants and vegetables. The Bokashi method also helps people save money on trash collection and even more importantly helps stop the tons of carbon dioxide heat and methane gas that is released into the atmosphere.The Bokashi method is an anaerobic process that ferments food yard and pet waste in as little as 10 days. Once everything is properly fermented it's returned to the soil where in about two weeks the enriched soil can be used for seeds or plants and eliminates the need for artificial fertilizers. The Bokashi name and logo illustrate the natural cycle that is at work: leftover waste is fermented not composted and mixed into the soil. The soil then helps to produce plants and vegetables that are strong and healthy which we can then consume thus completing the cycle.

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