Compost Tea Homebrewing Kit - 6.5 Gallons

Additional FeaturesProduces very potent aerobic compost teaIncludes bucket Bioblender filter worm compostingAlso includes 1/2 gallon Nutrient SolutionHas enough to brew 10 batches of teaMake nutrient-rich potent aerobic compost tea for your home garden with the Compost Tea Homebrewing Kit - 6.5 Gallons. The Bioblender aeration pump allows for maximum oxygen saturation and makes it so you don't need hoses air-stones or any other attachments. The kit includes a 6.5 gallon bucket Bioblender filter worm composting and a 1/2 gallon of Nutrient Solution which means you will have enough materials to make 10 batches or 65 gallons of tea. About SoilSoup and Compost Tea SystemsSoilSoup is Actively Aerated Compost Tea. While non-oxygenated compost tea does provide some plant nutrients to the roots it does not include many beneficial soil microorganisms which were originally part of the solid compost. The beneficial microbes in a healthy compost pile are aerobic which mean they require oxygen to stay alive. An actively aerated compost tea is far more valuable than a non-aerated tea because it provides both nutrients and an abundance of beneficial soil microorganisms. SoilSoup is the most effective product to use when you are enhancing or re-building your soil structure. It is 100% organic non-toxic and safe to use. Just a teaspoon of fresh SoilSoup has billions of beneficial microbes. And the microbes in SoilSoup are metabolically active which means they are awake. The concentration and diversity of microbes are the main reasons for the quick and noticeable results you will see in your garden after just a few applications.Enhances plants' natural disease resistance and protect soil against harmful organisms. Improves soil structure. Improves water retention (up to 40% less water is needed). Reduces the amount of fertilizer needed.Results in bigger yields and better tasting fruits and vegetables. Helps prevent and treat fungal diseases. Brewing top notch aerated compost tea with SoilSoupWith the SoilSoup organic inoculant SoilSoup organic nutrient solution and an effective aeration system you can brew top quality aerated compost tea. SoilSoup testing results continuously show a very healthy aerobic compost tea rated high in diversity and aerobic microbes. In average the microbial population multiplies by 50 000 times during the brewing process. And the ratio between aerobes vs. anearobes is in the 10/1 ratio which is considered well above the desired range. The SoilSoup inoculant is a mix of organic earthworm castings and wood based humus. It is produced at a WSDA certified organic farm and is guaranteed to be free of pathogens such as ecoli and salmonella. In short the best earthworm castings we can find.The SoilSoup nutrient solution is a blend of 8 organic materials designed to grow the maximum population of soil microbes. To insure freshness the nutrient solution is pasteurized before bottling. It is also certified organic by WSDA.The Bioblender and the aeration valve system both produce an abundance of small oxygen bubbles and agitation. Small air bubbles and agitation are the keys to brewing a healthy aerobic compost tea.

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