Sun-Mar 400 Autoflow 102 Gallon Compost Tumbler

The Sun-Mar 400 Autoflow 102 Gallon Compost Tumbler is a continuous composter with an 11 bushel (100 gallon) capacity. It's almost twice the size of the Sun-Mar 200 and is ideal for kitchen scraps and garden cuttings from medium-sized gardens. The AutoFlow system allows material to continuously ""flow"" or move through a special double-drum setup. Heavier material settles to the bottom. Lighter decomposed material finds its way to the top and eventually enters the inner drum. Using the flow system finished composed is ""forced"" out when you open the port and rotate. Dispensing compost is simple! Sun-Mar has revolutionized garden composters. Filling the Composter - Just slide the feed-port open add waste shut the port and rotate the drum. The input height is 33"" on the 400 so it is easy to add new material. Rotating the Drum - Whether it is the 200 or 400 the drum rotates easily on its bearings. On the 400 use the geared-down shaft handle to turn the drum. Removing Compost - When the compost drum is more than half full unscrew and remove the output port rotate the drum and compost will drop into a bushel basket or other container. To remove compost when the drum is less than half full (before it has traveled back along the inner drum) open the feed port and rotate the drum. Assembly - Install the shaft assembly then just snap the cradle onto the drum bearings and you're ready to go. The optional rollers can be snapped into the cradle base making the composter easy to move on a hard surface. Double drum keeps compost moving as it decomposes Compost that's ready automatically sifts into the inner drum Pest proof No waiting for batches to finish Compact size with big capacity Snap-on optional wheels

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