Joraform 33 Gallon 125 Compost Tumbler

Additional features Easy to rotate rodent-proof design Insulated design is great for any climate Insulated design can extend composting season in colder areas Rotating the composter requires minimal effort Weighs approximately 270 lbs. when full Capacity for 25 pints or 14 lbs. per week Ideal for smaller households of 2-4 people (depending on waste generated) Extend your composting season especially if you live in a cooler climate with the Joraform 33 Gallon 125 Compost Tumbler. Composting generates heat and the different micro-organisms start working at different temperatures. The insulated design allows the temperature to rise higher than 160 degrees F resulting in the quickest most efficient composting of your organic kitchen waste. These warmer temperatures create a composting process so fast that fresh waste starts to break down before it even has a chance to rot or attract rodents or flies. Thanks to this insulate design the Joraform will keep working through winter long after many composters are in hibernation. The Joraform is divided into two compartments. Fill one while the compost in the other side matures. Once the side you're filling is at capacity you can empty the mature compost from the other side and begin again. It's also rodent proof. The Joraform sits off the ground so rodents and other pests simply can't gain access to what's inside. You can even mount it to the wall - mount included and you just need to supply the screws. Be sure to rotate your Joraform on a regular basis. Regular mixing is necessary for successful composting. Fresh waste is brought into direct contact with decaying waste increasing the efficiency of the composting process. Also air gets into the mixture providing the much-needed oxygen that's vital to the process.

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