Rion Mist And Cool System

Cool off your greenhouse and increase the humidity with the Rion Mist And Cool System. Made of .375-inch polyethylene tubing, this tubing is heavy wall, UV light-resistant, and provides a medium burst strength up to 125 PSI. Designed to hook directly to your hose or outside faucet, this compression fitting give you a leak-proof installation which helps to reduce water waste. This mist and cool system sprays a fin mist which cools, humidifies, and waters the plants in your greenhouse easily and effortlessly. Simple to rotate by hand, you can adjust the mist direction as need while reducing the temperature in your greenhouse by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Composite fittings eliminate corrosion and reduce scaling and clogging in your lines so this system will last for years. Additional Features System hooks directly to hose or outside faucet Tubing is heavy wall, UV light resistant Tubing provides medium burst strength .375-inch compression fittings for leak-proof installation

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