NatureMill Ultra Kitchen Composter with Pail

The Nature Mill Kitchen Composter with Pail is a fantastic way step toward being environmentally friendly. Starting with the composter itself, it features a 4-gallon weekly capacity, superior durability, and minimalist style. Made from 100% stainless steel internal components, this composter works automatically indoors or outdoors, resulting in a mild earthy aroma that won't stink up the house. The two-chamber design couldn't be simpler - just add food to the upper chamber and remove compost every two weeks from the lower chamber. The bin, with a capacity of 4 gallons (15 liters), handles a typical family of four or five. Plus, it operates at only 47 decibels for noninvasive use. If you're planning to use the composter outside then the included kitchen pail is a must. Keep this pail on the countertop - it's pretty enough to do that! - as a handy spot to toss kitchen scraps. At the end of the day, or when the pail's full, simply empty into the composter.About the Stainless Steel bucketEasy-to-carry plastic bucket in decorative metal bucket1 gallon capacity in a modern stainless steel colorPerfectly sized to keep right on the kitchen counterWhen bucket is full, take it to a larger outdoor composterInner bucket is made of durable polypropyleneOuter bucket is sheet metal with metal handlesClear rubber seal on lid limits odors and fliesInside bucket is dishwasher safe for easy cleaningAbout NatureMillFrom activists to engineers, the people of NatureMill have aimed to make a difference. They recycle paper, bottles, and cans, read newspapers online, and favor environmentally friendly products and packaging. Some even walk or bike to work. Despite their commitment to reduce, reuse, recycle, they still found themselves producing shameful amounts of trash. This was when they ventured head first into backyard composting, first with a humble kitchen crock. They soon discovered, after forgetting to clean their crock, that the waste was warm. Microorganisms were hard at work. The compost process had begun. Just a little more oxygen, some mechanical mixing, and a strong air filter would accelerate the process and eliminate the odors and bugs. Dozens of patents and prototypes later, the NatureMill was born.

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