Eco European Garage Doors

Years of industry experience have enabled Ziegler to combine the perfect blend of raw materials and hardware to ensure smooth operation complete with a lifetime warranty. Choose on of our designs or create your own.

Our Eco Series Doors are made with the goal of assisting you in creating an alluring, distinctive look while giving you the assurance that you've done your part to "Go Green". Because of our commitment to preserving our resources, Ziegler Eco Series Garage Doors are constructed of recycled wood product and warranted against cracking, splitting, or delaminating. The finished door is sturdy, reliable, and will stand the test of time.

Images of shuttered windows and high, steep hip roofs against the rolling hillsides of rural Europe inspire the subtle, warm, romantic ambience of French Country, Mediterranean, and Tudor style homes.

Ziegler Eco Series European Style Doors focus on simplicity and understatement, creating a cozy charm that is welcoming. These doors can perfectly match the wood accents in your home to enhance its rural, casual appeal. Our antique distressing replicates the hand-hewn rustic look of old world Europe.

Whether it is the all important entryway or in the arched doors and windows or in the wrought-iron embellishments, attention to detail and proportion is what creates the seductive allure for which the European style is know.

Dark, rich colors, dense hardwoods, and decorative iron hardware allow these doors to facade some of the most luxurious homes in the world.

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