Aeron Basic Chair With Graphite Base

Combining distinctive looks with pioneering ergonomics, Aeron performs like no other chair. It adapts naturally and adjusts precisely to fit people of all sizes and postures doing all kinds of activities, all day long. The imaginative design of this chair gives superior comfort, body support, and style that is widely copied but never matched. En Espanol Learn more about the Aeron Basic Chair below: WHY BUY FROM US? | FEATURES | DIMENSIONS DESIGN | AWARDS | WHY BUY FROM US? -Wayfair Chairs offers same-day shipping on orders placed before 2 PM EST Monday-Friday, and all orders usually ship within 24 hours Back to top FEATURES -Polished aluminum base with graphite frame finish -Available in one of 13 lightweight and breathable Pellicle® fabrics, which distribute the users weight evenly over the chairs seat and back -Available in your choice of 3 sizes (A, B, or C) -Kinemat® tilt lets the body naturally pivot at the ankles, knees and hips -Available with optional adjustable lumbar support -Fixed arms with black nonupholstered armpads -5-star base with your choice of standard carpet casters, hard floor casters, deep carpet casters, or glides Kinemat® System -Tilt geometry based on natural human body linkages -Accommodates all of the three basic seated postures identified through research at George Washington University by designer Bill Stumpf -Design corresponds to natural linkages with movements in line with the normal movement (kinematics) of the human body -Sitters feet, arms, and back support remain in place whether reclining or leaning forward for effortless transition between postures Lumbar Support -Added comfort and stability -Lumbar pad connects to chair back and adjusts vertically through a 4 ½ height range -Lumbar support depth can be increased or decreased between 1 ¼ and ¾ by simply sliding the pad off and turning it around -Maintains proper spine alignment and promotes greater overall comfort through hours of seated work Casters -Four different caster options can accommodate any style of flooring: -Standard casters work well on most low pile office carpets (wheels 2 ½ diameter) -Carpet glides a good choice if use will be limited to standard-length office carpet (wheels 2 ½ diameter) -Deep-carpet casters loose design and larger size (3 diameter) help the user avoid snags and move easily across thicker carpets -Hardwood casters thin rubber coating prevents damage to flooring and provides greater traction on non-carpeted surfaces En Espanol Back to top DIMENSIONS

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