Black Matte Fox Steamer

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The sly fox on this steamer knows he's the best-kept secret in town. Use this steamer to add moisture to the air inside your house, or add potpourri to create a delicious scent.

Product Specifications

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John Wright  
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Shop Chimney  
Porcelain-Coated Cast Iron 
Fireplace Accessories  
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Product Description

The new Fox Steamer, similar in concept to our popular Bear Steamer, is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors and nature. Made of cast iron, the Fox Steamer's unique, high-quality design features a durable porcelain finish inside and out to resist rusting and chipping. Used for humidifying, it will bring a pleasant fragrance to a room when filled with potpourri.
Coordinating Black Matte Trivet, #33-347 is recommended.
Porcelain-coated cast iron
Size: 13" L x 8" W x 7" H

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