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Edible Forest Garden landscape

Edible Forest Garden

Silver Buffaloberry is one of my go-to plants for edges and really tough dry places. Its a native to Colorado and has beautiful silvery leaves. It is one of the first plants to flower in the spring, even when the nights are freezing. As the bees adventure out, they really appreciate the Buffaloberry. It also forms a relationship with beneficial bacteria in its roots which 'fix' nitrogen in the soil, allowing it to thrive in poor dry soils. Its toughness and nitrogen fixing ability make it a perfect 'pioneer' to increase soil fertility and open the way for more tender and sensitive plants. Additionally its berries are edible and hang on the branches from mid summer until late fall. The berries are astringent and slightly soapy, definitely not a choice sweet berry, but quite interesting and a joy for birds in the fall and winter.
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