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12 x 12 black striped floor tile contemporary-bathroom

12 x 12 black striped floor tile

This beautiful South Philadelphia bathroom remodel transformed an overcrowded bath space into a comforting urban spa. The original bathroom presented a complicated layout with too few options for storage, resulting in clutter and an unmanageable organizational system. Further, the existing shower was largely over-scaled relative to its space, and created a crowded, tight environment. The goal for the bathroom was to provide more breathing room around essential fixtures and to promote a harmonious, calming environment by creating functional and efficient storage options that would help to eliminate pesky clutter.
In addition to the functional goals of the space, dRemodeling worked to emphasize the inherent, beautiful aesthetic features of the South Philadelphia rowhome. The original brick wall was maintained and highlighted by sleek metal fixtures and contemporary installations with a clean, crisp appearance.
The bathroom’s walls were taken from a mint green to a fresher, calmer blue. The airy nature of the walls were later grounded by the dark, textured appearance of the tile flooring. The old double sink was replaced with a large single sink, which now rests on an elegant walnut wall mounted vanity.
The old shower was replaced with a newly located glass stall shower. The shower was moved to the corner of the bathroom, allowing for a separate soaking tub area where the old shower once consumed space. Freeing up the bathtub area allowed for several new functional additions: a tiled, built-in storage fixture opposite the soaking tub as well as lighting and hardware to support robes and towels. The tub was placed against the rich warmth of the existing brick wall and adjacent to an existing window, allowing for an isolated area designated for escape and relaxation.
The area surrounding the toilet introduced more function as well: recessed shelving was built above the toilet, and decorative shelving was placed on the bathroom’s southernmost wall. These elements help to contain items for everyday use and prevent clutter from overtaking the sink area.
The warmth and modernity of this bathroom provides a complete spa-like experience for the user, as well as provides practical functionality in innovative ways.

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