Chicago Metallic Lift & Serve Single Squares

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You'll never pry a reluctant brownie out again leaving browned bits stuck to the pan. Or muffin or tart or sticky bun. This ingenious nonstick pan releases your creation with a push of a fingertip. And cleanup is a breeze. Bake on!

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Savory or sweet individual servings are as easy as lifting a finger with the 12-cup Lift & Serve Single Squares Pan. Flexible enough to handle quiches, brownies, muffins, teacakes, tartlettes and more, the Lift & Serve Single Squares Pan gives you exact control over your creations. The Lift & Serve Single Squares is part of the top-of-the line Specialty Bakeware. Home chefs and bakers who want to add a little personality to their kitchen turn to Chicago Metallic's Specialty Bakeware. Whether you want to bake bite-size pre-sliced brownies for the kids or make savory lasagna dishes for a dinner party, Chicago Metallic's Specialty Bakeware products are the perfect choice. And most of the Specialty Bakeware products are non-stick for effortless clean up every time. Some of our best specialty products are the 9 x 9 Slice Solutions' Brownie Pan; Lasagna Trio'; and the Lift & Serve Single Squares. Features: Make savory breakfast or lunch quiches, or offer everyone a bite-size sweet treat for dessert Lift & Serve makes it extra easy to remove flaky crusts Non-stick, easy release Dishwasher safe Dimensions: 13.75' x 10.5' x 0.75'

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