American Hydroponics Outside Temp Sensor

The American Hydroponics Outside Temp Sensor is designed to be used with the IntelliClimate system for hydroponic systems that also incorporate outside air into their climate. With an accurate reading of the outside temp IntelliClimate will better be able to adjust and optimize.About American HydroponicsAmerican Hydroponics are a large-scale commercial and hobby centered organization geared toward an all-natural environmentally responsible way of growing plants and vegetables. With that in mind they are committed to hydroponic growing which uses less water fewer minerals much less space and produces no media which needs to be disposed. Their work has taken the cause a long way from where it started and you are sure to see them at the forefront of this movement for years to come. Naturally because they are such leaders in disseminating the practice of hydroponic gardening and farming their products and those they endorse can be considered top quality.

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