World of Watersports Water Walkway Raft

The World of Watersports Water Walkway Raft is here to truly transform the way you relax at your pool or lake. This 6- x 10-foot raft is flat and sturdy, making it a great place to lay, sit, chat, drink, and even dance around. Vertical I-beams inside provide enough support for 6 simultaneously standing adults, and a built-in zipper system makes it easy to connect multiple units to form a super-island!Founded in 2010 by Leroy Peterson, WOW is now the leader in cutting-edge water sport accessories. Committed to quality construction and innovative ideas, WOW has pioneered a wide variety of ski tubes and accessories designed to put the functionality in your summer water fun. WOW has developed a whole new generation of towables that are exciting, safe, and affordable.

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