Celestron 8 Inch CPC EQ Wedge Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

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The Celestron CPC telescope is an amazing instrument for visual and astrophotography use. The Celestron CPC telescope is an Alt-Azimuth mounting style telescope. Astrophotography is possible and done very well in Alt-Az mounted telescopes however most will tell you that an Equatorial mounted telescope is the right choice for serious astrophotography. That's why we have combined the Celestron CPC telescope with the Celestron HD Pro Heavy Duty Wedge. A ""wedge"" is a piece that mounts inbetween the Tripod and the Fork Mounted CPC telescope. It ""changes"" the telescope to an Equatorial mounted telescope. This allows you to polar align your telescope and will minimize the tracking that is done on a standard Fork Mounted Alt-Az CPC telescope. The Celestron CPC Series Telescopes are fully computerized GPS enabled GoTo telescopes. They feature Celestron's revolutionary SkyAlign technology (when used in Alt-Az mode without the wedge) and feature 40 000 objects at the push of a button. This Celestron telescope package is the best way to get started into Astrophotography with a Celestron CPC telescope. About Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes Celestron’s excellent Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes are compact and portable and represent the best all-purpose design for a wide variety of uses from terrestrial and deep sky viewing to astrophotography. Catadioptrics use a combination of mirrors and lenses to ""fold"" (reflect) the light path and form an image. In a Schmidt-Cassegrain the light enters through a thin aspheric Schmidt correcting lens. It then strikes the spherical primary mirror. It is reflected back up the tube and intercepted by a small secondary mirror which reflects the light out an opening in the rear of the instrument where the image is formed at the eyepiece. Catadioptrics are the most popular and most modern type of telescope optical design and are marketed throughout the world in 3.5"" and larger apertures. Catadioptric telescopes combine the practical advantages of lenses and mirrors while eliminating their disadvantages. They offer the clarity and contrast of refractors with the low aberration of reflectors. Catadioptrics have an average focal ratio of f/10 which is wide enough for all types of photography. They are also easier to maintain because all optical elements are solidly mounted and rigidly collimated. Catadioptric telescopes provide the best possible combination of light gathering power long focal length portability and affordability. Schmidt-Cassegrain Advantages Very versatile best all-purpose telescope design Combines the optical advantages of both lenses and mirrors while eliminating their disadvantages Excellent optics and razor sharp images over a wide field Excellent for deep sky observing and astrophotography as well as terrestrial viewing Very good for lunar planetary and binary star observing Focal ratio generally around f/10 it also has the best near focus capability of any type of telescope Closed tube design reduces image-degrading air currents Extremely compact and portable Easy to use durable and virtually maintenance free Large apertures at reasonable cost and less expensive than equivalent aperture refractors More accessories available than with other types of telescopes Schmidt-Cassegrain Disadvantages More expensive than Newtonians of equal aperture Slight light loss due to secondary mirror obstruction compared to refractors The Maksutov-Cassegrain is similar to the Schmidt-Cassegrain with essentially the same advantages and disadvantages. It uses a thick meniscus correcting lens with a strong curvature and a secondary mirror that is usually an aluminized spot on the corrector. The Maksutov secondary

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