The Worm Factory® 5-Tray Recycled Plastic Worm Composter - Black

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The Worm Factory 5-Tray Recycled Plastic Worm Composter - Black is like a capsule hotel in Tokyo … except the guests are 6 000 worms and it goes in your backyard. Made from 100% recycled plastic this composter allows worms to happily nosh 24/7 on your kitchen waste and whatnot providing you rich organic material. Odorless well-organized green … and best of all the worms will eat the kitchen waste you leave behind. Even your junk mail! What is The Worm Factory and how does it work?Unique and ingenious the Worm Factory is a composter comprised of stacking trays in which worms eat your scraps and leave behind rich organic material. Fill each tray with scraps like vegetables fruits egg shells coffee grounds paper and junk mail and in turn you'll get nutrient-rich compost for your garden. Worm castings are known to be the very best compost available. Your plants will thrive with this all-natural compost. Worms start in the bottom tray and work upward as they break down the waste. The worms leave behind the stuff and you don't even have to sort through the wiggly friends at all as they're already on the next tray up. Plus nutrient-rich moisture is captured in the collection tray and can be used as liquid fertilizer known as ""worm tea."" What are the benefits of using The Worm Factory? It's Compact: It stacks instead of spreading out so if you're short on space no worries. The Worm Factory takes up a minimal amount of space. Odorless: With a smart ventilation lid and specific suggestions in the instruction manual The Worm Factory remains odorless as it works tirelessly to create rich organic material. So breathe easy! Easy to Manage: The trays are lightweight and easy to stack and move and the accompanying instruction manual is chock full of suggestions to make composting easy and seamless. Saves Time: Forget running out to your composter to tumble and turn it! Let the worms do the work for you. They'll happily munch their way through your scraps and even junk mail and you reap the benefits of what they leave behind. They don't stop either so the rate of compost is faster. Those babies can nosh up to 8 pounds of food per week providing you a whole tray of nutrient-rich castings every month. That's efficiency.

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