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Phenomenal Chinese Antique Shrine ( Middle Qing Dynasty )

GREEN ANTIQUES holds one of the largest collections of Chinese antique shrines in the world, including literally thousands of antique Chinese shrines, palanquins, thrones, carved wooden temples, wash basins, wash stands, horse carts, wooden carts and all kinds significant and unique of shrines imaginable.

GREEN ANTIQUES is one of China's largest antiques shop, with a 100,000 sq.ft. showroom containing thousands of Chinese antique cabinets; interior and exterior courtyard doors; windows; carvings; tables; chairs; beds; wood and stone Buddhist, Taoist, Animist, and other statues; corbels, ceilings, beams and other architectural elements; horse carts; stone hitching posts; ancestor portraits and Buddhist / Taoist paintings; ancient shrines, thrones and wedding palanquins; antique embroidery, purses and hats from many of the 56 minority tribes of China; and a large collection of boxes, baskets, chests, pots, vases and other items.

The GREEN ANTIQUES design and development team have designed, built and remodeled dozens of high end homes in China and the United States, each and every one loaded with antique Chinese architectural elements, statues and furniture. They would be happy to help you to achieve your design goals.
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