Woodmobiel Starter Kit

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Forget the video games. This DIY wooden building kit is the perfect gift. Kids will love using real tools, nuts and bolts to construct an endless variety of life size toys. Grab your imagination and prepare for hours of fun with your child.

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This is how parents want their kids to play. And how they want to play with their kids. Kit contains instructions to build 9 different life-size models. But the possibilities are unlimited to build your own creations!

Creative - Natural - Educational

Woodmobiel is a do-it-yourself kit of wooden parts and REAL tools that gets kids active again, will stimulate their creativity, and will help them understand construction
This modern day 'erector-set' is a throw-back to the 'good old toys' that allowed kids to really PLAY and create (no batteries or electricity needed)
Woodmobiel develops a child's imagination and gives them a real sense of accomplishment
A favorite with fathers and grandfathers
Comes with instructions for building 9 life-size toys
Woodmobiel is a perfect holiday or birthday gift
With toys they build with Woodmobiel, kids can ride on their own tricycle or scooter, build tables and chairs, move things in a wheelbarrow, and bounce on a seesaw.
A life-size, wooden toy system that consists of pre-drilled pine posts, pine wheels and plastic boards; steel cap nuts and bolts; and combination wrenches to join all the pieces together
Contains 25 pieces plus fastening materials
The parts can be configured in a wide variety of ways to create whatever your child's imagination comes up with
Ben Fritz, a Dutch graphic designer, created Woodmobiel for his own grandchildren

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