C3MRPA 3 Inch Painted Pinhole Adjustable Accent Trim

C3MRPA Calculite Evolution 3 inch Pinhole Adjustable Accent trim, with painted white flange, is one piece of machined aluminum with shapr details for a clean look. Keyed to lamp support assembly for true aiming of lamp to prevent incorrect installation. Hinged, and snaps on for easy tool-less installation. Flangeless trim used with Plaster Trim Ring accessory, and is interchangeable with other 3 inch Evolution trims. Available in matte white/white, or matte black/white. Built-in aperture shield blocks view into fixture. Prvides 0-35 degree vertical tilt up to 1 inch think ceiling, less in thicker ceilings; lockable 25 degree maximum tilt in ceilings 1.25-2 inch thick. EZ-Aim Helical Drive System provides fast and accurate hot aiming with Philips screwdriver. Features easy gripping durring relamping, and spring tension clips to hold lamp and lens, and allow fast snap-on / snap-out relamping. Accepts one 2 inch diameter accessory. For use with C3LV, C3LVE1, C3LVE2, C3ALV, C3ALVE1, C3ALVE2, C3AICLV, C3AICLVE1 frame-in kits, sold separately. One 42-65 watt, 12 volt, MR16 for use with C3LV and C3ALV, one 20-65 watt, 12 volt, MR16 for use with C3LVE1, C3LVE2, C3ALVE1, and C3ALVE2, one 20-50 watt, 12 volt, MR16 for use with C3AICLV and C2AICLVE1, lamp not included.

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