Tiny Grotty Studio Makeover eclectic-living-room

Tiny Grotty Studio Makeover

I wish I had the before photo but it was literally a blank canvas. I was concerned with the size but with lots of measurements and careful storage solutions I am now pretty comfy :)

Difficult to see in photos but I found lots of bargains on eBay and Gumtree.

The living room also has a butterfly folding table on eBay bought at 25% of the RRP. The L-shape sofabed gives some sort of cosiness and separation between the kitchen and living area. It is also a sofabed with tons of storage inside. It was £220 on eBay as opposed to £445 at Ikea for the same design.

Decorations I have accumulated for years or made. Large cushions in the living room I made with fabric from second hand shop. Table cloth I bought on holiday for approx £4. Pictures and paintings I did myself and bought a beautiful silk walk hanging from Bangladesh for £20 and lots of decorated candles for about 50p each!
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