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French pattern travertine tile living-room

French pattern travertine tile

Outstanding quality french pattern travertine tile. You can use these french patter travertine tile in everywhere in your home. Kitchen,living areas,patios. offers best travertine french pattern tiles for cheapest price. In the picture Travertine French pattern tile finish is brushed and chiseled. Travertine tile French pattern thickness is 1/2".

Sealant: Sealant is not required, but can be applied if desired. Keep in mind that a sealer may be necessary if it will be installed on an area that exposed to heavy entertainment as wine, food and other products can stain the pavers.

Notes: Travertine tiles are Brushed and chiseled. They are resistant to moisture, cold, heat and erosion. Travertine pavers do not retain heat and its surface remains cool to the touch. They are also slip-resistant making them a perfect addition around a pool area. These pavers are extremely durable and resistant to cracks.

These pavers will accentuate the beauty of your home for years to come as well as increase your home value.

Natural stone materials present variations in color, finish, and shade and could differ from tile to tile. This is expected with any natural stone products and it is what makes this product unique.

Due to the characteristics of natural materials and your computer screen, the item color above or the picture might not be exactly the same as you see on your screen. The picture above is for representational purposes only. The size and color might not be the same as the item above. We strongly encourage you to order sample to see the color for yourself.
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