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Made in Vermont of FSC certified Maple.The Horizon Bedroom by Copeland Furniture sets the new Green Standard for sustainably made domestic furniture, meeting the stringent requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council for on-product FSC labeling. FSC wood comes from forests that are not threatened, do not have high conservation significance and do not contain genetically modified trees.The FSC certified Sutton Wall Mirror is crafted from solid maple. Select from a range of wood finishes. Then select one of two satin surface finishes: standard Copeland Lacquer top coat or formaldehyde free Copeland Water Based top coat.Copeland Furniture sources sustainably harvested hardwoods from the American Northern Forest. All lumber used by Copeland Furniture comes from within 500 miles of their factory in Vermont, thus reducing fossil fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions from transportation. The environmental values of preservation and stewardship are reflected in every piece of furniture produced by Copeland Furniture.

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