Indian Summer

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Red alert! Artwork with a purpose, this eco-friendly original is made entirely of leftover acrylic latex paint from recycling centers in L.A. before it is sent to a landfill. You can feel good knowing that your new piece of modern art is also easy on the environment.

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The art of repurposing has arrived. Cassandra Tondro employs leftover house paint ��_��_��_ taken from recycling centers ��_��_��_ to create her fluid, fascinating works. This piece, a colorful splash of tranquil energy, makes a striking statement in your home and about our planet.
With a long standing interest in incorporating nontoxic and eco friendly materials into her artwork, artist Cassandra Tondro uses leftover acrylic latex paint ��_��_��_ better known as house paint ��_��_��_ in her paintings. She rescues the paint from recycling centers in the Los Angeles area before it is sent to landfills, and also combs the ��_��_��_mistint��_ shelves of home improvement stores. ��_��_��_By visiting these outlets regularly, I have assembled a palette filled with unusual colors. Once a color is gone, it is unlikely that I will find the exact color again. It's challenging to work with the colors that I find, rather than colors of choice. House paint comes in several finishes, including flat, satin, semi gloss, and eggshell that add depth and texture to the surface of my paintings.��_ Tondro has developed several methods of working with the paint. She pours, pulls and presses it onto canvas. ��_��_��_House paint flows like thick rivers of molten color and forms intriguing patterns as I manipulate it on canvas.��_ While the paint is wet, Tondro often uses tools, washes of water, or her fingers to create imagery. Cassandra Tondro��_��s paintings have been featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and abroad, and her work is in numerous public, corporate and private collections. In addition, her work was selected for the American Embassy in Yaounde, Cameroon in conjunction with the Art in Embassies Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.

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