DYLAN Bar Chair, won 2009 German Red Dot Design Award, This product from idea to make one to one model, and then made into finished products, spent a total of 10 months, has been on display at the German Red Dot Design Museum and the Museum of Singapore for the industry and the cultural world to visit.
Dylan - the meaning is “The sea Waves.” It inspired by a leaf floating in the sea. Sitting board style is very clear way to express themselves constitute the designer inspired , from the material point of view, leather and steel through the “circle’ to find their proper relationship with each other, more important is “ROUND” the middle Arc passed to us a long history of Yin and Yan of Tai Chi, more than that, we can feel better this gentle curve from the stainless steel approach road to Tai Chi. Not only that , in addition to some of the stainless steel plate to sit outside , this section chair all other parts, including the lifting of the internal structure is made of stainless steel, all reflect the real value. Meanwhile, speaking from the structure of this section the performance bar chairs distinguishes the most obvious is the base plate of the double layer around the edge of the bar and hide all traces of the assembly, whether it is from the front or back, looking for less than a screw assembly of even the slightest trace, we have to admire, the designer of a design concept in the expression of all aspects taken into account. Of course, such a chair be called works of art in comfort, but also through mechanical and ergonomic research and verification, make sure you sit comfortable, beautiful and calm。

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