Geberit 116.023.FW.1 Mambo Brushed Stainless Steel Hands Free Actuator, AC Power

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HyTouch urinal flush control, infrared-controlled, mains (AC) operation, Mambo.
For automatic flush actuation of urinals
For use with Geberit 111.625 urinal elements
For new installations or retrofit to existing Geberit 111.625 urinal frame installs
For concealed installation in urinal installation elements with front actuation
For automatic "hands free" sensing and flush actuation, in hygienic or ADA compliant applications
For low consumption urinal flushing volumes to 0.5 GPF (2 LPF)
Stainless steel - Brushed stainless steel
Not for use with 111.630, 111.650, 111.679 and 111.685 urinal elements
Proven infrared triangulation detection method with background fade-out and auto-calibration to environment
Latching solenoid valve with chloramine resistant EPDM diaphragm and protected by dual-stage filters
Vandal resistant stainless steel cover plate, with securing bar and independent sensor electronics to prevent tampering
Power failure protection (ensure valve closes in the event of power failure during open cycle)
Tool-free maintenance, with access to power supply and flush valve behind the actuator plate
Detection distance: 4 - 20 in (10 - 50 cm)
Dynamic flushing time reduction during periods of high traffic to reduce water consumption
Automatic hygiene flush: 24 h after last flush cycle
User detection time: 7 s
Flow rate at 15 psi (1 bar): 3.8 / 4.7 gpm without flow limiter (0.24 / 0.3 l/s)
Operating voltage: 110-240V AC, 50-60Hz/ Power input < 0.5 W
Flush time: 3 - 15 s (default time 4 s); can be manually adjusted
Humidity < 100 % relative
Operating pressure range: 14 - 116 psi (1 - 8 bar)
Max. fluid temp: 86 ° (30 °C)
Cover plate with infrared window (replaceable), and with securing bar
Infrared control, premounted on fixation frame
Solenoid valve
Fastening material (including CLASS 2 power supply)

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