The Cosmic Chess Game

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This extraordinary, original piece of art by surrealist sculptor Robert Vowles features two, full sized, chess playing specters, cantilevered off an antique table. The eternal and diabolical chess game they play is one that shapes all our lives. Each piece symbolizes an element of civilization: nuclear missile rooks (military), television set bishops (religion), floppy disk knights (technology) and so on. Inside many chess pieces are human figures representing the living, breathing people who are the real victims of the cosmic chess game.
Because of its complexity and value, the artist at his own expense will deliver and set up the sculpture. It is suggested that the piece be displayed in a large room with a rope and stanchion barrier to afford the artwork protection from overenthusiastic spectators. To view more images of "The Cosmic Chess Game" search for "Da Vinci Brothers Fine Art" under the Products category at the top of this page. Make sure you capitalize each word in the name.

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