Portobello Ceramic Tile Mural 30pcs 4.25" Kiln Fired Coastal Village Pink Flower

Portobello Ceramic Tile Mural
Sea Port or European Fishing Village
Pink Flowers Boats and Water
30 Ceramic Tiles
This mural consists of 30 individual 4.25" x 4.25" white gloss standard grade ceramic wall tiles.
The over all size of this mural is 25.50" wide by 21.25" down.
It is 6 tiles wide by 5 tiles down.
Pictures 3 thru 7 are pictures I took of my own bathroom tub area. I originally had installed 4.25" white matte tiles with gray grout. I wanted to add a Portobello mural and replace the gray grout with white grout to brighten up the room. I hammered and chiseled out 30 tiles from the wall and replaced them with the new mural. In the process I also removed the disgusting 2 rows of tiles that were directly above the bathtub and replaced them with one new row of white bright gloss finish tiles and above those I replaced with glass mosaic tiles. In the meantime I bought a little grout dremel drill bit and sanded out the grout between all of the tiles in the bathroom. I didn't dremel them a lot just a little on the surface. Then when I grouted my new mural tiles I just continued over all of the old tile as well. Now it looks like new tile.
I did this all by myself with no help. So ladies and gentlemen if you are feeling up to the challenge of replacing old tiles with new ones you can do it too.
As always please feel free to email or call me if you have any questions.

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