Glorious Townhouse Restoration in North Old Town Alexandria eclectic-kitchen

Glorious Townhouse Restoration in North Old Town Alexandria

Built in the early 1950s, this small urban townhouse is located in North Old Town Alexandria in an area currently undergoing major redevelopment. The neighborhood is popular with, and affordable for, young people and families, and very convenient to Washington, DC.
In its heyday, the townhouse touted a stately brick exterior, plaster walls, tongue and groove wood flooring and beautiful wooden staircase. Sixty years later, however, the homeowners were faced with crumbling masonry, sagging floors, a double layer of wallpaper over the plaster walls, a crumbling staircase, a dysfunctional kitchen and small, dark second floor rooms. Additionally, the basement had a low ceiling, moldy and cinder block walls, no plumbing and a large boiler taking up most of the space.
The homeowners’ goal was to restore the exterior’s historic look while creating an interior up-to-date for the 21st Century. To turn their vision into reality, they turned to Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes.
Design Solutions
To maintain the townhome’s historic exterior, the Michael Nash team carefully removed, salvaged, restored and reused existing brick masonry. Matching fascia boards and windows were combined with existing windows to complete the exterior renovation.
All interior walls were gutted and reframed. New electrical work, new insulation and new drywall were installed. Much of the home’s original trim was salvaged and reused, as was a piece of art glass, all to keep a bit of the past in the renovation.
The sagging subfloors were fixed, new hard wood floors were installed and a new staircase and railing were designed in a style similar to the original.
The solid wall between the kitchen and the dining room was removed, plumbing was relocated for a new sink location and the kitchen got expanded with an island into the dining room. Closet and plumbing stacks were relocated to allow a new space for fridge. Stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and custom cabinetry highlight the new modern kitchen.
The plan called for redesigning the three bedrooms on the second floor to allow a larger bathroom, walk-in closet and wider hallways. In addition to new roofing, a large skylight was installed to allow natural light into the bathroom and the upper hallway.
The basement was totally revamped. New plumbing was put in place for a full bathroom, laundry room and a den. New e-grass window was installed in the basement to bring this basement up to current building codes.
This homeowners love the neighborhood and now their home gives them the opportunity to stay in the same location.
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