Leisure Season Compost Bin

Going green and looking great, the Leisure Season Compost Bin is easy to use, with a removable cover and a hinged side panel for easy access. It's thoughtfully designed to keep pets and other curious creatures out. Perfectly spaced slats allow plenty of breathing room between slats for proper aeration without allowing compost to spill. It's made of Chinese fir, which is similar to cedar in its resistance to insects and decay. A protective finish adds to the moisture resistance and durability.About Leisure Season Leisure Season Ltd. is a premier manufacturer specializing in unique home and garden products. With more than 30 years of industry experience, they have established a high standard of workmanship at affordable prices. This is accomplished with smart design that you can depend on, creating attractive multifunctional pieces that will last. Quality design begins, of course, with quality materials. Part of the Cypress family, the China fir that is used to make Leisure Season's outdoor furniture, outdoor leisure products, and outdoor storage is noted for its rich grain, texture, and color as well as for its natural resistance to decay and insects. So whether your outdoor furnishings tend toward the rustic, the traditional, or the postmodern, these versatile pieces will reflect your good taste and will complement the look of your home and garden.

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