Oxford Garden Torbay All Weather Wicker Rectangular Dining Set - Seats 6

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Spruce up your outdoor space with the Oxford Garden Torbay All Weather Wicker Rectangular Dining Set - Seats 6. Crafted from environmentally friendly shorea wood this dining set emits a contemporary and relaxed vibe with neutral grey and khaki colors that intertwine softly through the wicker construction of each chair. The large rectangular table seats six and features a traditional slatted design in a brighter hue making this beautiful table the accent piece of a stylish set for any deck patio or outdoor space. The resin wicker chairs are highly resistant to all sorts of weather and are a snap to clean. Personalize the look by upgrading to a brillant cushion color of your choice. Shorea Wood: An Eco-Friendly ChoiceLike teak it's more expensive counterpart Shorea is a high-quality hardwood praised not only for its looks but also for its longevity and resistance to decay. Shorea is hard and dense like teak. In fact it possesses an even tighter wood grain making it heavier denser and harder than teak and both woods are extremely resistant to decay. Shorea wood contains a comparatively high oil content which not only enhances its defenses against the ravages of time and changing climate but also against destructive insect infestations. So if teak and Shorea are so similar why does teak cost up to twice as much? Shorea's lower cost can be attributed to its abundance compared to teak's rarity. This abundance of supply is also what makes Shorea a green choice. Shorea wood is carefully regulated. Only mature trees can be legally harvested. This ensures a steady supply of Shorea wood while also protecting irreplaceable forests. Because Oxford Garden obtains their Shorea wood from superior sources minimal processing is required to bring out the wood's stunning color and grains. This means less chemicals used. Oxford Garden's factories use recycled wood to fuel production kilns. They take steps to conserve natural resources and the result is a smaller carbon footprint. Why Choose Oxford Garden?Exquisite pieces and impressive product assortment aside there are several factors that set Oxford Garden apart from the competition. First Oxford Garden starts with the best Shorea wood sources. This results in more beautiful more durable furniture. The next thing that distinguishes them is their unrivaled craftsmanship. They take pride in meticulous construction of each product. In fact Oxford Garden has a unique multiple quality checkpoint system to be sure you're getting the best. Most of their products go through rigorous consumer safety tests and before they package any product they put it together themselves to ensure it assembles seamlessly for you. Thirdly Oxford Garden believes furniture should be comfortable and attractive. They create ergonomic pieces designed to accommodate the contours of the human body. Finally by using Shorea wood Oxford Garden is able to bring you affordable luxury. Their superb craftsmanship ensures longevity for years of enjoyable use while their incomparable designs are centered on comfort and beauty.

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