Revol Mini Lion-Headed Soup Bowl - Set of 6

The Revol Mini Lion-Headed Soup Bowl - Set of 6 is adorable. Two tiny lion heads decorate either side of each little porcelain bowl. But they're not just cute table accessories. These miniature bowls are a perfect addition to your dinner party serving dishes. Use them as individual saltcellars for mini molten lava cakes or fill with teaser tasters (amuse-bouches for you foodies) for your next cocktail party. You get six deep bowls in your choice of color. Just like the original-sized versions these mini soup bowls are designed to handle the challenges of everyday life. They're made of culinary-grade ceramics fired at ultra-high temperatures to guarantee that each bowl is oven-safe up to 572°F able to withstand the microwave oven freezer-safe to 4°F and dishwasher-friendly. Little lion bowls with large culinary potential.About RevolRevol porcelain is steeped in history. This company has been family-run for eleven generations and the Revol brand name has been linked with the art of porcelain since the early 18th century when the first Revols were already masters of earthenware in Europe.The new generation of Revol has taken their historical knowledge of porcelain artistry and updated it to provide quality cookware serving ware and culinary accessories to chefs of all calibers who share the desire to cook and serve beautifully. With over 200 years of experience Revol porcelain products are available in a wide variety of kitchenware to cook serve and enjoy fine food. Revol porcelain is the cream of the crop of culinary-grade ceramics. It is made from kaolin feldspar and silica fired at ultra-high temperatures to guarantee against mechanical and thermal shock. All Revol porcelain cookware products are designed to take oven temperatures of at least 572°F stand up to the rigors of microwave ovens are freezer-safe to 4°F and are conveniently dishwasher-friendly. Peerless cooking and serving brought to you by Revol.

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