Theodore Galante contemporary

Theodore Galante

This project is an inquiry into shared lives in multi-family dwelling situations. Specifically, here is a two family house oriented around a central courtyard. The lower level serves a more public function; kitchen, living room, dinning, etcetera. While the upper floor contains private functions; sleeping, and office work. There are two separate dwelling units literally, and figuratively interlocked.

The lower level on the left serves family X, while the upper level of left serves family Y. Similarly, the lower level on the right serves family Y, and the upper level on the right serves family X.

As a result, each dwelling unit can be objectified from within. In this case, one is capable of observing their second floor from the confines of their first floor and visa versa. What happens is a Modified understanding of the spatial concepts of enclosure. Their envelope wraps around their immediacy, but further extends to a second layer, which encloses a common outdoor room forming a courtyard. Across this secondary enclosure one is able to objectify their own house in a way not unlike the skyline of a city; the house can be understood as a quantifiable object.
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