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27" Mixed Succulent with Urn
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Here's a mix of plants and succulents that are exciting enough individually, but when combined, easily exceed the sum of their parts. if a picture is worth a
Orchid and Succulent Garden with White Wash Planter
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This combination is simply breathtaking. Picture a beautiful Orchid, it's slim stem gently curving, giving way to soft blooms. Now imagine a base of multihued
Anthurium with Fluted Glass Bowl Silk Plant
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conversation. A lovely fluted vase w/ liquid illusion faux water completes the picture. Height= 17.5 in x Width= 18 in x Depth= 18 in
7' Ficus Silk Tree
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feet in height, this wonderful reproduction Ficus would look lovely in a picture window, home entranceway, or even the office. Height= 7 ft x Width= 36 in
44" Ficus Tree with Decorative Planter
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inches in height, this wonderful reproduction Ficus would look lovely in a picture window, home entranceway, or even the office. Complete with a decorative
3' Biggy Bamboo Silk Tree
$68 $145.00 · More Sizes
Picture yourself on a tropical island getaway as you admire this elegantly styled Biggy Bamboo Tree. Despite its name, this 3 foot palm fits nicely in
Morning Glory and Cherry Blossoms with Metal Planter
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metal planter. How does that sound to you? Well, as you can see by this picture, it's truly a winning combination. And the best part is, it'll stay beautiful
30" Mixed Succulent with White Planter
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textures, but even we're impressed with the look of this mixed succulent plant. Combining some of the very best nature has to offer, we mix the tall, the
Silver Queen Silk Plant (Set of 2)
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you can get two? This two piece set comes with two artificial Silver Queen plants that look so real, you'll want to replant them in the backyard. But no,
Silk Plants Direct Cymbidium Orchid Plant (Pack of 1)
Silk Plants Direct specializes in manufacturing, design and supply of the most life-like, premium quality artificial plants, trees, flowers, arrangements
and containers for home, office and commercial use. Our Cymbidium Orchid Plant includes the following: *Size: 40" *Color: Green *in Basket
6' Bougainvillea Silk Tree
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worlds a beautiful artificial tree with colorful silk flowers. This 6' eye-catcher boasts 484 flowers and 1,802 leaves that include dark green mature leaves
3' Papyrus Silk Plant
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leaves at the end. This ancient plant makes for a great entryway accent (especially with one on each side). Comes with a flower pot and faux soil for maintenance
Papyrus Plant, once used to create paper long ago, can now be used to decorate your home or office. This regal and interesting-to-examine plant stands 3
Mixed Greens Zebra with Wicker Silk Plant
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of a flower in bloom, while the wide shape and rich color add a gallant touch to this vibrant plant. Nested in a decorative wicker basket, this plant is
Bird of Paradise Plant (Real Touch)
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Bring the tropical sunshine indoors with this lush Bird of Paradise plant. Standing a full 58" high, this beautiful specimen sports large, full leaves
distinct, colorful blooms that perfectly capture the delicate nature of this plant. This is also a "real touch" offering, which means it feels as real as it
Large Leaf Philodendron Silk Plant (Real Touch)
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lush greenery decorates this large leaf Philodendron. Not only does this plant have a highly detailed leaf pattern but it also feels real to the touch.
63" Pothos Climbing Silk Plant
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A healthy 5 feet tall, this Deluxe Pothos Climbing Plant is covered from head to toe with lush greenery. Rich multi-hued decorative heart shaped leaves
Double Cycas with Vase Silk Plant
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certainly two Cycas will make for a wonderland of greenery! These cheerful plants range from areas found in Asia, Africa, and Europe, but their charm will
Pothos with Coiled Rope Planter Table Plant
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Pothos silk plant. With countless lush leaves in several different shades of green, this full Pothos will fool even the most discerning plant lover into
Puff Ivy with Decorative Vase Silk Plant
$69 $147.00 · Buy on Houzz
magnificently over the sides to create a true spectacle of nature. While this plant may seem to have grown at a healthy pace, it's easy to manage, and takes
Puff Ivy with Chest Silk Plant
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beautiful wooden treasure chest is brimming with one of nature's most exciting plants lush, green ivy. Climbing in, out, and all about; the delicate stems reach
Taro with Vase Silk Plant
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boardroom or your next luau, these Polynesian plants look great in any setting. The rich green leaves of the Taro plant cascade freely over each other to create
56" Croton Plant (Real Touch)
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good) that you have to stare in wonderment. That's the feeling this Croton plant permeates - just take a look at the deep, rich color palette, combined with
Pothos with Bamboo Vase Silk Plant
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everywhere, this is a plant that will be a sight that any plant lover will appreciate. Housed in a wonderful bamboo vase, this Pothos is a plant that will bring
The Pothos is a beautiful plant that is certain to add a real spark of life to any room that it inhabits. With its crisp, plentiful leaves that seem to
Dieffenbachia with Wood Vase Silk Plant (Set of 2)
$54 $115.00 · Buy on Houzz
definitely draw the appreciative plant lover's eye from anywhere in a room. The bold leaves that make up these silk plants are large and in charge, and are
planter. Easy to take care of and effortless to manage, this is one set of plants that you'll want to add to your collection. Arrives with two pieces. Height=
Areca with Decorative Planter Silk Plant
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Billowy, wispy, and wonderfully wild, this gorgeous Areca plant will demand attention no matter where you choose to put it. With beautiful faux fronds
Double Bamboo Palm with Decorative Planter Silk Plant
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if you like lush greenery, but hate watering, this is the PERFECT silk plant for you. Makes a great gift as well. Height= 35 in x Width= 26 in x Depth=
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