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Playing with the decor in a child's room can be incredibly fun, but it can also be incredibly overwhelming. The best thing you can do is have fun! Since these little accessories are usually much less expensive than furniture, they're not as much of an investment, and can be playful and take risks. Don't be afraid to go outside of the box — since this is a child's room, you can take some risks that you wouldn't normally be able to take. But be careful not to invest too much into trends. If you do, use them with smaller items rather than big-ticket items. You want to try and decorate with the next few years in mind. And of course, prioritize what is needed over what is wanted. Don't get trapped into thinking that certain decorative items are necessary to make your child's room a special place! Stay within your budget. More 
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Fairy Castle Wall Applique by Charuca
Add a bit of kawaii (Japanese for "cuteness") to the wall with this range of cute decals. Price varies by size $58 to $138.
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Personalized Adoption Theme Wall Plaque by My Sakura Princess
Whether you've adopted a child from Asia or your own child's heritage stems from Asia, this darling wall plaque lets her know how special she is. Customize the plaque with your child's name, which can be written in English, Chinese, Vietnamese or any other language.
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Steiff Hello Kitty Anniversary Cat
It's hard to believe, but Hello Kitty is turning 40! To celebrate her anniversary, Steiff is producing this highly collectible commemorative edition based on the character's original plush version. When she debuted in 1974, Hello Kitty was accompanied by her favourite Teddy bear. So it's only fitting that Steiff reproduces this design. Hello Kitty is sewn from genuine Steiff Sc...More
Steiff Plush Pummy Panda
Steiff Pummy Panda Bear is made of cuddly soft black and white woven plush. Hand washable. Ages 3 and up. Handcrafted by Steiff of Germany.
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What wall decor works best for your child's bedroom?

Whether you're painting a mural yourself, or scouring for kids artwork online, there are certain things to keep in mind for children's wall art (besides which adorable print you want, of course). Make sure that any artwork or lighting you purchase doesn't come with a frame or any pieces that could break or hurt your child. Also, be careful when hanging things on the wall. You want to make sure that everything is fastened securely, so it won't drop or hit anyone if it falls — particularly if it's a heavy item. Make sure that any paint you use is non-toxic.

In terms of style, be bold, but try to choose things that you can use for years to come. Personalized artwork or classic prints are great, since they're bound to become pieces your child will always cherish.

What textiles should I buy for my kid's room?

When looking at rugs, blankets, curtains, and other textiles for your child's room, make sure that you're choosing something that's easy to wash and easy to keep clean. Choose textiles that will hide stains, so you don't have to wash them too frequently. Patterns with a mix of bright and dark colors work great for this — try to avoid white and cream!

Above all else, comfort and safety are the most important things. Opt for hypoallergenic textiles that aren't dyed with harsh chemicals. Consider what the primary purpose of each textile will be, and think about what is necessary in terms of comfort, ease of cleaning, and style.

How can I organize a child's bedroom?

Use accessories that will help with organization. Use stylish bins that can hold toys, a fun wall hook that coats can hang on, or playful jewelry racks to avoid tangled charm bracelets.

Keep your child's interests in mind. What hobbies do they have? What do they love to do? Encouraging these hobbies through the decor is something that will never go out of style. Find a fun rack to hang soccer cleats from, or an industrial bin to store baseball gloves and balls in. Expand on their personality.
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