6 musical instrument Asian Products

Lady Playing Lute Chinese Print Scroll
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lady decked in ornate red dress and hood plays a classical Chinese musical instrument called the lute. In the background are tree branches and a plain beige
Chinese Porcelain Doll
lady playing Gu Zheng, a zither like instrument with sixteen strings that has existed since the Warring State Period, 221 BC. Hand crafted of fine porcelain
Along with poetry, art and chess, music was quintessential in the education of women in ancient China. Depicted in this porcelain statue is a young lady
Old Drum Medium, Red
I just finished writing about musical instruments around the home, and this drum table would be a wonderful way to add a bit of percussion style to your
God of music. His symbolic weapon is the pipa (stringed instrument). He is harmonious and compassionate and protects all beings. Uses his music to convert
Asian Flair
rich harmony. We use a beautiful ancient tuning not heard on any modern instrument. Deeply calming.
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