Oriental Hand Painted Village Scene Mirror
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scenes of women in colorful kimono going about their daily tasks in a rustic village setting. Features an indigenous Fujian lacquering style. Antique-finished
Velvet Village, 40" Width
A small Asian village is setting out to meet a new day as a lemon-yellow sun rises in the East. Hang this idyllic work of Asian art on any wall for fabulous
Golden Village
hand-painted fan. The bamboo frame will hang perfectly on your wall, and the village scene will be one you return to, time and again, to gain a feeling of peace
Oriental Village
Asian countryside, this scene is reminiscent of the long-standing Oriental villages that existed in synchronicity with nature. The brilliant shades of brown
River Village
the heart of a stream in the heartland of Asia, this painting of a rural village captures the tranquillity and essence often found in the Orient. The shades
Iconic Mountain Village
A dreamy iconic village nestled in the heart of the mountains is the theme of this stunning Chinese print scroll. One of our most beautiful landscape scrolls
Antique Doors (1)
$2,390 $2,990.00 · Only 1 Left
These antique wooden doors were recovered from a village in Northern China. The doors still maintain their original hardware and show traces of their previous
Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Square Jar Table Lamp
lamp with porcelain blue & white square jar shape base in Chinese mountain village scenery graphic. Dimensions: 8" x 8"x h27" ( shade 14.5" ) Origin:
Japanese River Print, Apple, 11" x 14"
but placing all three in a row would be almost like capturing this little village in different seasons or stages of the day.
Riverview Print, Spring, 30" x 20"
seems made for a restful bedroom. You'll love the details of this sleepy village, as well as the dimension that the branch of flowers in the front provides
Elmwood Farmer's Bench
$199 $299.00 · Only 1 Left
southern style, this gate-shaped antique wooden bench was recovered in a small village along the Yangzi river. The distressed red lacquer shows an aged beauty
Cedarwood Window Panels
$839 $1,190.00 · Only 1 Left
It was once used in the traditional village houses in Zhe Jiang Province, China. Painstakingly hand carved cedar wood panels will serve as a centerpiece
Framed Purple Moon
This impressionistic rendering of a small village in the light of the moon will add a distinctive note of Thailand to your decor. Rich colors and special
beautiful landscape scene, this tropical art painting features a small village in the north of Thailand during a full moon night. The soft purple outline
paintings appear like spectacular places, where water rushes through sleepy villages and the bright colors of nature are on full display. Special brush strokes
Hand Painted Tibetan Design Mirror
$319 $399.00 · Only 7 Left
In the remote village of Tibet, a wall mirror as such could be the most precious possession of a family. Typical black and gold with touches of rich dark
Thai Cottage
Thailand is home to many long-standing villages and beautiful natural settings. The use of brown and purple hues in this piece lend to a style and feel
Eastern Falls
mountains of northern Thailand, this Asian masterpiece features a small Thai village along a streaming river. Brighten any room while creating an Asian decorative
Thai village
Antique Window Panel Shutter
$499 $699.00 · Only 1 Left
intrigue, whatever surface it decorates. It was once used in a traditional village house in the Zhe Jiang Province, China. Some are nearly 80-100 years old
Antique Elmwood Ning-Bo Desk
$799 $1,190.00 · Only 1 Left
A pullout shelf is built in for your writing needs. Discovered in the village of NingBo, Zhe Jiang Province China. This is a one-of-a kind item to admire
Consigned Antique Chinese Trunk Box Coffee Table
statues, carvings, and paintings are generally used as guardians of temples, villages, or homes and can be thought of as protectors of the family's reputation
MOONLIGHT (I) Original Oil Painting by Michele Morata MODERN BLACK & WHITE ART
Laguna Beach; Planet Hollywood Gallery, Miracle Mile Mall, Las Vegas; Village Gallery, Rodeo Drive/Beverly Hills; Painted With Oil Gallery, Fashion Show
Monica; Old Town Gallery, Seal Beach; Stylistic Intervention, Laguna Beach; Village Gallery, Torrance; Painted With Oil Gallery, Houston Galleria Mall; Gallery
Antique Window Panel
$179 $299.00 · Only 1 Left
intrigue, whatever surface it decorates. It was once used in a traditional village house in the Zhe Jiang Province, China. Some are nearly 80-100 years old
Antique Window Panel Shutter
$579 $699.00 · Only 1 Left
intrigue, whatever surface it decorates. It was once used in a traditional village house in the Zhe Jiang Province, China. Some are nearly 80-100 years old
Quiet Glory
to many quaint villages often nestled in a valley or near a small river. This magnificent painting depicts one of those quaint villages. Hang this painting
Twin Waterfalls
beautiful scenery in the world. This striking piece is a replication of a village set deep in the countryside of Thailand. Hang it anywhere for superb decoration
"Night in Asia" Hand-Painted Fan
feeling heavy, you are about to sleep and dream of a night in a small Asian village. Sweet dreams.
Old Home at Dusk
landscape scene in shades of gray. The scroll captures a small slice of village life deep inside the heartland of Southeast Asia. In it, two small homes
homes are nestled alongside the banks of a gently flowing brook. Village people and a small boat in the foreground of the scene add a sense of warmth and
Evening Brook
truly captures the feeling of being in the Asian countryside. Many Asian villages contain small brooks and mountains in the backdrop, while tall green trees
Chinese Vintage Opera Battle Scenery Decorative Wooden Panel
This vintage decorative panel was collected from a village northern China. It was once hung on the wall for decoration. This panel is hand carved and
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