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From paisley to polka dots, silk to satin, your bedding sheet set selection is the perfect opportunity to let your personality peek through. Because bed sheets are less visible than the rest of your bedding, the entire theme, color palette, and overall feel of the room isn’t dictated by what you choose for your sheets and shouldn’t completely control your decisions. Purchase multiple bedding sets to coordinate with your duvet cover that you have invested in. Every time you do laundry, you will have an opportunity to refresh your bedscape with a new set and style of sheets. More 
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When choosing your bed sheets, consider these material options:

Jersey Knit and Flannel

In winter or in a house that is cold year-round, flannel sheets are a warm and super soft sheet set option. Jersey knit is the closest thing to sleeping in your favorite t-shirt and after a long day, nothing feels as comfortable and relieving as settling into a well worn-in t-shirt. If homey luxury is your style, then jersey sheets are for you. Both flannel and jersey are available in a wide number of prints and styles, whether contemporary floral or classic stripes and solids are your style.

Premium Knits and Thread Counts

When it comes to luxury, thread count is quite the indicator in the bedding department. Whether you can feel the difference between 500-thread count Egyptian cotton sateen bedding and 600-thread count pima woven bedding, just know that with sheet sets, the higher the thread count, the higher the predicted quality. Also, there’s usually a higher the price tag. Thread count accounts for the amount of threads per square inch in the fabric, resulting in a finer knit.

Luxury Fabrics

Looking for higher luxury but also higher maintenance? Sheets made of everything from linen to silk and satin are guaranteed to give you the feeling of a five-star resort every night that you sleep on them. Unfortunately, they’re also guaranteed to show early signs of wear and dirt. If low maintenance and durability are what you are looking for in a sheet set, then these materials are not for you. Stay with cotton.

Environmentally Friendly Options

If you have joined the environmental crusade, don’t think that your efforts need to stop at what you sleep on. It’s easy to find sheet sets made with organic cotton and with organic practices held to an international standard. Pushing the sustainability envelope one step further, there are sheet sets made from bamboo too. Surprisingly soft and nearly indistinguishable from cotton, bamboo is a highly renewable and sustainable material.
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