7 random brick mosaic Asian Tile

Arcadia Juniper Random Brick Glass and Stone Tile
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Arcadia Juniper Random Brick Glass + Stone Tile This stunning combination of dark emperidor, with
great to use for a back splash for a kitchen or fireplace. Chip Size: 3/8"x Random Color: Dark Emperidor, Metallic Gold, Gold Deco Material: Glass, Stone and
I have brick on opposite wall with an island between where I am thinking about using Arcadia Juniper or similar. Do you
Wooden Beige 3/4 X 4 Big Brick Pattern Marble Mosaic Tiles
Wooden Beige 3/4" x 4" Stone Tile Big Brick Pattern This striking wooden beige gives a high-end, timeless look to any kitchen, bathroom, or
Wooden Brick Mosaic Stone Tile - for Use
Brick colour
Alchemy Japanese Porcelain Mosaic Tile
Alchemy is a Japanese porcelain mosaic that is mesh-mounted. The 1/2 x 2-1/4 inch pieces are randomly blended in a brick pattern on approx. square foot
Vetrissimo Glass - Tranquillo - Sticks Mosaic
STICKS MOSAIC - Shiny and matte glass pieces with silk-screened underglazing are randomly mounted on approximate square foot sheets in 3-color blends.
glass mosaic - linear underglazing
Tatami Mist Jewel Glass Mosaic
Tatami Mist, a jewel glass mosaic, is shown in Amber, Tiger's Eye and Carnelian.
transitions from dark at the countertop to lighter at cabinet level. Can this mosaic be ordered just like this with these colors?
Hello! Yes, this is a New Ravenna jewel glass mosaic that is made to order in our Virginia studio. The choice is yours of over 170 colors/materials.
Millenium Products Kitchen, Unique Shapes, 3D Versailles, Brushed, Gun Metal, Me
many different design styles. Sheet size: 11 3/8" x 11 3/8" Tile Size: Random Squares Tiles per sheet: 72 Tile thickness: 1/4" Sheet Mount: Mesh Backed
the demand for accent tile with a sophisticated line of metal, trims and mosaics. Available in a variety of finishes such as copper, stainless, bronze, brass
W41 Copper/Frost Glass Mosaic
Copper/Frost Glass Mosaic Size: 12 by 12 inch/FULL sheet
colour variation but not striking contrast. random pattern
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