8 creative thing to do with leftover rock boulder Basement Design Photos

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Modern MarvelCreative Design Construction, Inc.
Do you have other pictures of this basement -- home theater and gym, etc.?
How do the corner wall cabinets open?
outlets how do you 1. get the outlet flush with backsplash, since the realstone is a lot thicker? How do you get the outlet cover to sit flush on the real stone since its multi dimensional?
and we do not release project measurements . If you are local to our area and would be interested in speaking with one of our Remodeling Consultants about your home, please feel free to contact us at 201-768-5813.
and we do not publish measurements on Houzz. If you are local to our area and would be interested in speaking with one of our Remodeling Consultants about your home, please feel free to contact us at 201-768-5813.
NebraskaGander Builders
did you do the fake grass and what was the cost?
How do u get the tree
all the things you need this for from?
videos? A rock-climbing wall, waterslide, tree house bunk-beds or any other amazing custom feature? If so, we’d love to have you and your child be considered to host an episode of our show! We’re currently looking for families in the NYC Tri-State area and the LA arEa with outgoing and personable children
chair. do you now were I can get one?
Beautiful work! I would never be able to do this, but I love it!
Fun! Creative! I want to swing on that swing and run around the yellow brick road and climb the tree!
Leawood Lower LevelCHC Creative Remodeling
options. We do offer consulting services if you're interested ... Just let us know!
lots of things pinball machine, video arcade, billiards, weight room, ping pong, gamble table, etc. many things to do beside play pool...
Safes rock wall with wood combo
CHC Creative Remodeling
Lots of things!
Do you know the height of the mantle? And can you tell me the name of the stone around the fireplace?
What do you think would look best? Also,How are the electronic components accessed with the remotes? Thank you for your advice.
hardware do you recommend? I am thinking of a similar style as in your unit. Thank you! 26 hours ago
The cabinetry & fireplace are amazing!!! Do you sale the custom stain you've describe? I want to replicate the look in my home.
for your creative vision!! So excited!
This is beautifully done! We are planning to install a Montigo fireplace in a very similar configuration to this. Please tell me what size this L-Series fireplace is. Also when you say the mantel is 41" high do you mean from the top of the mantel? Thank you!
Ashburn Transitional Basement - Media RoomSynergy Design & Construction
insert thing, this is pretty basic
love the creative tray ceilings also the fireplace is gorgeous
and out things in....Rock & mantle
InteriorsCody Anderson Wasney Architects, Inc.
Do this with a sliding door on the other side. The kids room?
Creative doorway...the behind picture doesn't work for me
to room do it with rock
Cool way of doing interior wall openings
creative doorway...Creative door...Creative wall use
could use rock to go up the wall and randomly / unevenly let the rock end, like in this picture.
metal and rock for exterior wall near front staircase
a bit much going on here but I do like the corrugated wall application The surrounding colors (red wall, dark staircase) are too strong and dark to me.
Pewaukee Lake HouseDegnan Design Builders, Inc
Like this because it is unique. Want one or more things like this that are low cost differentiators. Family artificats, favorite numbers, names, etc.
rock wall w/ things embedded in
Could do with a wine bottle
with the rock work...bottle in rock
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