2,380 Bathroom Storage

With all your toiletries, shower supplies, towels and more, it's easy for the bathroom to begin to feel cluttered. Free up space and create an organized environment by simply utilizing several storage options, from basic shelving to large woven baskets. More 
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Trays and baskets

Use trays and baskets for items you'd like to keep on the countertop. Simulate a display by setting up lotion bottles, soap dispensers, cotton balls and the like in an organized fashion that's visually appealing. Accessorize them with fresh flowers for a scented touch. Or, place larger baskets inside shelves to keep towels, cosmetics, or other personal care items tucked away neatly.


Cabinets allow you ample storage space as well as the ability to hide your bathroom necessities such as extra shampoo or body soap. Below the sink is the most common place, but you can just as easily install cabinetry on the wall or above the toilet.

Drawers and dividers

Use drawers to store smaller items like makeup and medicine, and sort them using plastic or wire dividers. Consider using removable drawers that you can pull out when needed and store away when you're done.

Pullout shelves and drawers

Pull-out drawers and shelves hide your bathroom essentials in an easily accessible spot, and they also keep you from digging around in the back of dark cabinets. You can also install step-back shelves on a rollout track in a bathroom cabinet for another pull-out option.


If you have a free-standing sink with no cabinetry beneath, you'll definitely want extra shelving space to keep things organized. Mount shelves on the wall for a spot to hold towels, or consider tower-style shelving for small bathrooms: they provide adequate storage without taking up too much space. Also consider a storage nook by building shelves right into the wall between studs.

Carts or large woven baskets

Carts and large baskets provide portable places to stick any extra grooming necessities. Roll towels and store them in the basket, or put a small cart beside a claw-foot tub to hold shampoo and soaps.

Shower storage

Instead of filling up shower ledges with hair products, hang a caddie over the shower to keep things organized. There are also different devices such as hanging shelves, that you can mount on the wall to provide further storage. In addition, consider adding shelving or tilt-out bins to the base of your tub instead of the typical solid surround. It will provide an easy-to-access spot to store towels and extra bath supplies.

Hutches and chests

These versatile pieces of furniture are not only for the dining room or family room. They often come with both shelving and cabinetry, allowing you to store a variety of objects, both big and small.


Hooks are an easy and inexpensive addition to the bathroom, providing a home for anything from towels and bathrobes to wayward clothing.
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