1 Beach Style Shower Caddies

Shower caddies are very useful accessories for keeping your shower organized. Whether you’re looking to corral shampoo bottles, body wash or a waterproof radio, consider types, styles, size and materials to find a caddy that works best for your shower. More 
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What types of shower caddies are available?

In general, shower caddies are either hanging, wall-mount or corner shower caddies. Hanging shower caddies drape over your showerhead and are a great option for small showers as they’re out of the way from where you typically stand, and stay in place since they rely on the sturdiness of the showerhead. Wall-mount caddies can be mounted anywhere within the shower, however, be careful of what you store in them because they can be apt to falling if the items are too heavy. Corner shower caddies can go from floor to ceiling, and have ample storage space through several shelves or buckets.

What style shower caddy should I choose?

Try to find a shower caddy that falls in line with your bathroom décor. Plastic shower caddies often feature designs and come in several color options that could match your scheme. Chrome caddies will accent your shower with a clean, modern look.

How big should my shower caddy be?

This depends on how many items you’d like to store, as well as how much space you have in your shower. Do you share your spacious shower with several other people, resulting in all sorts of shampoos and soaps? You may benefit from a corner caddy with several shelves as well as a few wall-mounts. Do you only have a few items in your smaller shower? You’ll probably be fine with a simple hanging caddy.

What materials are generally used?

Shower caddies are usually found in plastic, chrome, stainless steel, iron with a powder coat finish, or brass with a chrome finish. Choose one based on your aesthetic preference, but also know that certain materials will last longer than other and also be more durable. Metal caddies are sturdier than plastic, and they’re also more expensive.
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