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Radiant Finch Feeder
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Beautiful brushed copper finish. Rotate perches to convert to a goldfinch only feeder. Four Stay Full Ports allocate seed evenly no more empty ports. Holds 1
Upside-Down Finch Feeder
$35.99 $53.99 · Only 8 Left
Feeding design allows goldfinches to feed undisturbed by house finches and other birds. Attractive metal top, port bands and perches. Optional tray included
12 inch Tube Finch Feeder with Tray and Cap (Yellow)
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PineBush Tube Feeders are manufactured with precision molds for die cast construction. Perches and seed ports are precisely die formed for a consistent
Clever Clean Finch Magnet Feed
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Yankees Clever Clean Finch Magnet Nyjer feeder - Black - 2.75" diameter 18" steel mesh tube with diamond-shaped openings. Nyjer seed feeder with removable base
Onyx Clever Clean Finch Magnet 18 inch
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d in black, creating a striking contrast for bright yellow finches.
The newest feeder in the Onyx Clever Clean line! Its rust-proof, heavy-duty stainless steel mesh tube holds 2 pounds of Nyjer seed and is powder-coated
17 Inch Yellow Spiral Finch Tube
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Thistle spiral feeder. Consumers and birds love patented songbird essentials bird quest spiral feeders. More ports means more birds. Birds love to run the
Nut N' Berry 20 lbs + Freight
$34.31 $51.47 · Only 9 Left
A premium wild bird food blended to attract and feed the most desirable outdoor pets. Songbirds, Woodpeckers, Cardinals, Finches, Titmice, Jays, Grosbeaks
bird feed...bird food
Triple Tube Feeder
$47.60 $71.40 · Only 1 Left
Three feeders in one--seed tube, finch tube and screen tube feeders. Each tube holds 1.1 qts (approx 1.4 lbs) of seed. Attract a variety of birds to feed
feed together. Feeder tray to catch fallen seeds and shells, plus built-in drainage.
Copper 2 in 1 Feeder
$22.50 $33.75 · Only 8 Left
pending 2 feeders in 1 ports allow for changing from mixed seed/sunflower to thistle (nyjer)/finch mix in seconds! Large 1.8 lb. capacity. Bird friendly
4 Port Nyjer Feeder Yellow
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Droll Yankees 2 " diameter 8" tube 6 Port Nyjer Feeder. Fully assembled. Finch Flocker Yellow - New generation line. This item cannot be shipped to APO/FPO
Copper Umbrella Bird Feeder
The birds will keep singing in the rain with this feeder. The umbrella and tray are made of solid copper with stems and handles finished in brass for a
traditional bird feeders by H Potter Buy on Houzz Copper Umbrella Bird Feeder - $89
This playful, solid copper bird feeder features an umbrella design. You’re likely to hear birdies chirping in the rain when they discover this feeding
Wacky Copper Bird Feeder
There's even a wide porch with railing so your birds will feel right at home.
Copper hanging bird feeder. Real copper house with brass accents and glass
will be singing, "our house is a very, very, very fine house" with this feeder in the yard. It's made of copper with shiny brass accents and features mullioned
Barcelona Bird Feeder
geometric acacia bird feeder. The wood comes from sustainable forests and the design is inspired by the Barcelona Pavilion. Why not let the birds dine in style
The feeding table is beneath the roof, where the bird food can be placed on two spikes, while the bird bath sits out in the open.
Unique architecture for the birds in your garden. The famous Barcelona Pavilion from 1929, designed by the legendary German architect Mies van
Six-Sided Bird Feeder
This streamlined bird feeder takes design inspiration from a sleek lantern. Featuring a clear reservoir for seed control, your feathered friends also get
copper finish promises both beauty and durability. Brass Accents. Glass Feeder. 13"D x 14"H Designed and Manufactured by H Potter Weighs 16 pounds
Hip Roof Bird Feeder
provide a hip haven for your fair-feathered friends. This homey hanging feeder features glass windows with brass frames, and a coppery-peaked roof and
solid brass trim. 9"W x 14"H with hanger. To easily fill or clean the feeder, simply remove the roof. Designed and Manufactured by H Potter Weighs
Daffodil Bird Feeder
This feeder is like the difference between grub and brunch. Invite your fine-feathered friends to an elegant meal surrounded by copper, brass and glass
and brass. Antique copper finish With its removable cap the Daffodil Feeder is easy to maintain and clean. Designed and Manufactured by H Potter
Seville Bird Feeder
This impressive bird feeder looks like a beautiful chalice you’d see in a European cathedral. From the elaborate pattern on the sides, to the regal base
Potter Large glass reservoir. Stainless steel feeder with antique copper finish and brass accents. Weighs 12 pounds
base and decorative trim, it’s an inviting station for birds, a visual treat for you.
Grecian Bird Feeder
Birds will feel right at home here. This adorable feeder is designed to look like a tree: It features a top hut, reminiscent of a canopy of branches —
Bird feeder
San Simeon Bird Feeder
Reminiscent of a carousel, this delightful feeder has a roomy perch, on which birds can easily access the seed ports. You also get thoughtful details,
Stainless Steel Antique copper finish. Glass Feeder Brass Accents. Large round glass reservoir. Holds up to 5 lbss of seed
Round bird feeder to match my round house.
Bamboo Bird Feeder
and bamboo-like supports to the wide perch and solid brass accents, this feeder is a cut above the rest. Fill the glass canister with savory seed, sit back
Coach House Bird Feeder
that you need to provide a sturdy perch and a lot of seed. This hanging feeder provides all that and more. It's finished in copper and brass with a glass
glass reservoir means you can utilize any seed blend appropriate for your birds. Large overhanging canopy and three drainage holes in the tray ensure seeds
Northern Garden Bird Feeder
song to your heart — and songbirds to your backyard — with this elegant feeder. It's made of glass and steel with copper and brass accents with a wide
bird feeder
Fuera Bird Feeder/Birdbath
love? This Fuera bird feeder/bird bath is easy for you to fill and clean. That simple. No angry birds here.
The latest dish on bird feeders is this: Birds love the simplicity of a bowl feeder so they can choose their favorite seed. And if it’s covered during
great and birds love it, too. It comes with a matte finished stainless steel hood that can be removed. Height is 51.6" with hood, 48" without.
Le Grande Gazebo Feeder
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Le Grande Gazebo Feeder (Cedar)- Holds up to 20lbs of seed. Comes fully assembled. Quality in every detail makes Heath Bird Feeders a perfect addition
bird feeder...bird feeder gazebo...bird seed holder...20 lb bird feeder...Wooden bird feeder
FUERA Bird Feeder / Bird Bath
The Blomus FUERA Bird Feeder will attract many song birds to your backyard garden and transform a little patch of grass into an extraordinary oasis. While
function of becoming a bird bath too, just remove the stainless steel top and voila'. Features: * Dual function bird bath or feeder * Contemporary design
Does this bird feed stand on a base, or is it inserted directly into the ground?
Copper Oriole Triple Fruit Feeder with Ivy
$25.70 $38.55 · Buy on Houzz
Copper Oriole Triple Fruit Feeder with Ivy. Easy screw on orange coils that hold oranges more securely than simple cups. Beautiful orange beads that also
fruit bird feeder...fresh fruit bird feeder...ivy motif bird feeder...oriole bird feeder...need for the birds
Nido Bird Feeder, House
this: You’ve found the ideal bird feeder. How so? Stainless steel makes cleanup easy. The open design gives you (and the birds) easy access. It comes with
bird house
Honeysuckle Hummingbird Feeder
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flowering beauty of this hand blown glass feeder, and who can blame them? The delicate splendor of this exquisite feeder holds plenty of nectar to attract lovely
bird feeder...hummingbird feeder
Bamboo Tray Feeder
$23.85 $35.78 · Only 7 Left
Hanging or Platform Tray feeder has extra spacing to accommodate large birds. It is made of solid cross-ply bamboo and the rust-free removable fresh seed
12" x 12" bird feeder...bamboo bird feeder...large bird feeder...tray bird feeder...bird feeder
Borea Bird Feeder
change, you can change the location of their landing pad. This movable bird feeder securely straps to any tree or post, thus giving you the option of watching
The Blomus Borea Bird Feeder made with matte finished stainless steel and a nylon strap. Suitable for
Clear View Deluxe Hopper Window Feeder
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Up close and personal bird watching. Great for introducing children to birding. Easy-to-fill hopper holds 4 cups of seed. Covered roof provides all-weather
White Gazebo Bird Feeder
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tastefully trimmed with gingerbread mouldings and greenery. A lovely spot for birds to dine!
Bird feeder
Borea Bird Feeder with Wooden Stake
and rest for your frequent flyers? This contemporary, stainless steel bird feeder offers your avian relations a cozy spot to eat undisturbed, with a protective
The Blomus Borea Bird Feeder with Wooden Stake features matte-finished stainless steel and acrylic
Black and White Cat Face Window Birdfeeder
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Designed with a hole to watch the visiting bird, one side includes suction cups to firmly attach the feeder to a window. The feeding side has a finished
friends closer to you with Songbird Essentials' window birdfeeders. Each feeder is hand-carved from albesia wood, a renewable resource, then hand painted
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