6,162 Carpet Tiles

There’s something extra pleasant about a plush or textured swath of carpet under your bare feet. Along with softening a room, this flooring option provides extra cushioning and can help diminish noise for those downstairs. Carpet tiles have the bonus of being easy to install and replaced, making them a wonderful option even for homes with high traffic, children or pets. (Or for homeowners who enjoy swapping out colors schemes and themes every so often.) More 
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emerson seurat carpet (10x13)
$599.00 | Thos. Baker
generations nouveau carpet (9x12)
$1,099.00 | Thos. Baker
kaleidoscope matmi charcoal carpet (5x8)
$349.00 | Thos. Baker
casablanca darchini carpet (6x9)
$499.00 | Thos. Baker
generations vintage carpet (8x11)
$749.00 | Thos. Baker
kaleidoscope mandala carpet (5x8)
$349.00 | Thos. Baker
Even better is the fact that you can find carpet squares in a variety of colors, textures and styles. So go for that white shag carpet in the bedroom or some Berber zebra-striped carpet tiles in the living room. While you’re shopping, don’t forget to consider purchasing extra tiles to keep on hand in case you need a replacement.
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