130 Clothesline

There is a certain satisfaction that comes with drying your clothes on a clothesline. It’s a task that really connects you with the past in a way that other household chores can’t. While it’s easy to forget about the clothesline with modern technology, they are perfect in saving you energy, money, and your clothes. More 
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Depending on space and where you plan to dry your clothes, there are two main clothesline styles available.

The umbrella clothesline and post clotheslines

These have the highest price tags but are the most efficient in terms of load capacity and durability. While these are what you typically find decorating the lawns of traditional postwar American suburbs, there are newly designed styles that are more aesthetically pleasing. If you aren’t thrilled with the idea of a permanent clothesline lawn ornament, there are portable styles that can be folded up and tucked away when not in use. These styles are typically only used outdoors.

Retractable clotheslines

This option is more versatile because they can be used both indoors or out. They are space savers and are extremely inconspicuous. You are more limited on what you can hang to dry, but if you don’t need to hang a household of quilts at once, these are a great option for urban dwellers or those not looking to break the bank.
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